Have you ever answered the question: Why do you like me? Or
why do you love Me? Because you love me? Why did you fall in love with me? Here we have 80 reasons why I love you list for you.

And suddenly, you are paralyzed because you are afraid to give the wrong answer.

Affection  and love are often marked as "magical feelings", it is impossible to describe and very specific to everyone, and that is true. But it won't help you answer "awkward questions."

See the reasons why I love you

1. I like your eyes when you smile.

2. You are always worried about my problem.

3. You are sexy even when you wash clothes.

4. I like your bright smile when you look at me.

5. You make me feel extraordinary.

6. I love you because life is very pleasant with you.

7. You encourage me to be the best version of myself.

8. Because we can talk about everything for hours.

9. I like the way you see me.

10. We have so many personal jokes that I cannot convey to them all.

11. I like your taste.

12. I like your body, every part of it.

13. We are very close so we have our own language that cannot be understood by others.

14. You know how to make me smile.

15. I like your family and dedication to those you love.

16. I feel strong with you by my side.

17. I love you because you like what I cook.

18. I like that you are always in my mind.

19. Don't sting your task.

20. I love you because even when we separate, I know you with me.

21. We share the desire for traveling.

22. I love you because every time I am in your hands, I feel true happiness.

23. You always see the good side.

24. I like it when you dance like no one sees you.

25. When I see your eyes, you make me forget how other people see.

26. You take care of me when I get sick.

27. I love you because you always know how to surprise me.

28. We share the same passion.

29. You let me win our "fight".

30. I love you for everything that makes me know about myself.

31. We always have fun together.

32. You accept my family and friends and try to connect with them.

33. I like that you always have new original ideas.

34. You made me feel better when I doubt.

35. I like how life becomes a game when I'm with you.

36. I love you because you make sense.

37. We are very close but we still managed to maintain our own space.

38. You never judge me and you always try to understand me.

39. You know my taste and you know how to please me.

40. You are always ready for new adventures.

41. I like that you know me with your heart.

42. You share passion with me.

43. We have many silly nicknames.

44. I like how you always respect people.

45. I love you because we have never been bored when we are together.

46. ​​You are willing to take risks with me and for me.

47. You are a bright light in the dark.

48. I love you because you are willing to know everything about me.

49. You are a good cook.

50. You want the best for us.

51. I like your iron will.

52. You share your strength with me when I'm weak.

53. There are songs that always make me think of you.

54. I like that I always smile when I wake up next to you.

55. You are my best audience.

56. I like your body and I want to appreciate it every day.

57. You have such ambitions and you are not afraid to show it.

58. I love you for everything you inspire me.

59. We understand each other without speaking.

60. I love you because you really trust me.

61. I love you because I know I can trust you.

62. You always let me choose a restaurant.

63. I like your big humor and optimism.

64. I like you because you are "my best friend with benefits".

65. You know what my favorite food is.

66. I know that I can trust you in any situation.

67. I love you because you are the most perfect partners / companions I have ever found.

68. You always keep your words and never lie to me.

69. You let me sing even if I do it terrible.

70. I love you because everything looks brighter around you.

71. You accept my anger and sadness.

72. You are the person I have dreamed of.

73. You taught me like what love is unconditional.

74. I like the way our hands fits together very perfectly.

75. You love my body like that.

76. I love you because you let me be strange without judging yourself.

77. You were never bored with me, even when I was bored with myself.

78. I like how we make a great team.

79. You always make me laugh.

80. You inspire me to be a better person every day.

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