(First day at father's place) 

"We're here." My father said. 

Indeed, my father, I am really with my father at this moment. 

I glanced out the window to see a major school that strangely resembled a congregation. It was an old victorian structure that looked sort of frequented. 

Wow. Gives me sort of shuddering in the pit of my stomach. 

He left the vehicle outside the school close to the principle entryway. I was going to open the entryway when Dad was in front of me and ran towards my entryway to open it for me. 

Goodness, on the off chance that you going to satisfy me, you need to show improvement over that. He conveyed my bag and my sack. 

"You don't have to convey my stuff, I can deal with my assets quite well," I said in a taunting tone. 

"I need to." He said with a trace of blame in his eyes and he was by all accounts battling. 

We went higher up. Subsequent to climbing a ton of steps, I saw that Dad was flushed. 

May be because of sleepiness and age. Anyway, who cares..did he even consideration about us these numerous years? 

"So these are the study halls." He said. 

He highlighted a bunch of old work areas. Not a ton of embellishments. They may require a young lady's touch. 

We climbed higher up, ugh what number of more advances are there!? 

He showed me the exercise center class, the science labs, the workplaces, b-ball indoor arena, parlor, cafeteria, indoor games room which was loaded up with computer games, a pool table, chess, carom, ping pong, air hockey, and some more. 

At long last, we came to toward the finish of the passage, there was an entryway that said 'Kid's dormitory.' But he just cautioned me not to go in there. Like I would submit to him huh. 

Furthermore, finally, we arrived at a room that resembled a condo. It had couches, TVs, books, and a lounge area. 

"So this is the place where I reside. Furthermore, you'll stay here. Your room is in there." He said while setting my baggage close to the couch. 

I glimpsed inside the entryway he pointed at. It was a quite comfortable room. 

There was a pink bed with a plushie caramel-shaded teddy bear. Pink shades with child pink shading pantries, even the closet was of infant pink tone! Essentially, the greater part of the things in the room were pink. 

Seriously...why is it like each young lady in this world would lean toward just ' pink' shading? 

Individuals need to change their outlook as quickly as time permits! Hmph! 

Now and again I feel that Christopher Bailey is the lone person who has design sense. Also, this could be the reason. Be that as it may, it was an extraordinary attempt, I like the appreciation of brightening the room particularly for me. 

"Do you like it? That is to say, I didn't have the foggiest idea what sort of young lady you were and what were your inclinations so I-" he was going on yet he halted when he saw that... 

I was yawning. 

What's more, it wasn't my motivation. 

All things considered, Kind of. 

"Apologies, I'm simply chattering on. You ought to get some rest. You need to get up right on time as you have school tomorrow." 

"What!? I just came. Shouldn't I get gotten comfortable first." I said falling on the bed. 

"The upcoming first day of the season and everybody is coming. It'll be extraordinary for you to meet the instructors." He said. 

"Also, the understudies," I added with a self-satisfied smile towards him. 

"No doubt, you don't have to converse with them. 

They will mind their own business."He said. 

"All things considered, your uniform is in the cabinet and get gotten comfortable and.. erm.. get some rest. I'll see you in the first part of the day at 6." He was going to go when I took in what he said. 

"Pause! What!? 6!? I can't awaken at 6!" I said irately. 

"Apologies, It's the first day of the season as I said and I should start off early with the goal that we could plan everything." He said. 

"Fine. Whatever." I said. I slid into my duvet. 

"Shouldn't you change into something more agreeable, Cerina?" he asked with a concerned look all over which I was truly getting disturbed with. 

"Not a chance. I'm drained. Turn the lights off when you go out. Much obliged. What's more, it's CeCe." I said prior to shutting my eyes to go to sleep...I don't care for it when individuals call me Cerina, my complete name on the off chance that they don't think often about me. 'Cerina' is entire heartedly held for my nearby ones..and to my mistake.. nobody is that near me yet. 

I was unable to see him yet I realized he was furious. I surmise he was a severe Headmaster and I would have been a test. No pause, I will be a test. Daddy, your in for it. 

Isn't it odd? Individuals like to be called by epithet by their nearby ones yet here this senseless young lady has saved her complete name for the nearby ones Lmao. 


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