( The Only Option For Cerina Cecil)

I woke up at noon. I lazily yawned as I was in a mess since yesterday and couldn't  sleep nicely at night.

Remembering what happened before, I tried to go back to sleep. After a while, I gave up as I wasn't able to go back to sleep and got ready for definitely nothing.

I went to the kitchen to see my mum eating breakfast. She looked at me and smiled. But she wasn't happy at all. Her eyes were tired and there were dark circles under her eyes which showed that she also couldn't sleep the whole night and her hair was messy.

"Morning," I said happily, trying my best to cheer up the gloomy atmosphere.

"Morning, Ce." She said, trying her best too.

"So Mum, you going to work today?" I said making cereal for myself and took an apple From the fruit basket on the table.

 I started munching my breakfast.

"Not really, There something I need to tell you." She said.

I frowned. What's going to happen? Will she make me get a job or something? Wait, I can't. My grades are lower than the happiness level here.

"What's up?" I said, sitting down beside her as I realized that this is going to be something serious...

"About yesterday-" I interrupted her instantly.

"Listen, Mum, I've found out my lesson. I'm going to change. I did a lot of thinking last night and I made a decision too."

She was stunned by my reaction. "But Darling-"

"I'm not lying Mum. When I say I'm going to do something, I will do it." I said happily. 

"I'm going to look for a school that will help me. Also, any school will do for me, I just want to get high grades and make you happy."

She sighed.

"Darling, that's not possible." She said tiredly.

"Why not?" I said confused.

"I understand that I have a big history of a mess I have created until now and I have been expelled 7 times by now but it's not impossible.. is it Mum?

And you've always told me that anything is possible if I try and I will. I promise you, mum..."

Her face didn't change. It stayed the same.

She looked down like she couldn't meet my eye. My smile went upside down. 

Something is wrong and she's not telling me and I think it's not that good that's why she isn't able to form the words and meet my eyes.

"What is it, Mum?"

"Darling, I've found you a school." She said in a sad tone with a hint of guilt.

I smiled.

"That's great mum! I love you!" But from her face, it seemed that it wasn't great at all.

"What is it?" I asked her again.

"CeCe, do you remember I told you that your dad is a headmaster of a school?" She asked me while hesitating. I nodded. I don't know why but asking this question suddenly...I am getting a bad feeling about it.

"Well, I told your dad about what happened and he got you a place in his school." She said.

"What!?" I said, shocked.

"But dad lives in Scotland!" I said in irritation.

"I know." She said nonchalantly.

"Look, schools these days will not let you get enrolled with even a bit of a messy history. To be honest, no school will let you get enrolled..." she said sadly.

"So, you are saying...that I should go to Scotland and live with my dad?" I said slowly in a low voice.

"Yes! And it's only for a few months, till you get your grades up," she said in a somewhat enthusiastic tone.

I can't believe this.

I am going to Scotland.

To be with my dad.


The guy who I haven't met for so many years.

The guy who left my mum and started to see his career as his only importance and living.

The guy who promised to come at Christmas but never came.

The guy who promised to take us on a trip once every year but never made time for us.

The guy who didn't even spare me and my mum a single second to talk on call.

"No!!" I said angrily.

"What?" My mum asked in a confused 


She was shocked.


She didn't even like my dad so why is she acting like I said I hated chocolate or ice 

"Mum, what the hell!? You are telling me to spend a few freaking months with a guy who doesn't even care to meet his only daughter!!?" I said confronting my mom angrily.

"Darling, he has changed," she said looking in my eyes.

"And how do you know that!? He might just want me because he feels sorry for me! I don't want anyone to show this so-called 'sympathy' or pity me!!"


Source: Feather Story


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