( The Only Option For Cerina Cecil(2)

"Look, when he was with us. He used to be in all kinds of mess. Drugs, gambling, and his feelings were messed up as his business wasn't prospering and he was 

going through a lot of stress.

He did the right thing to leave because he was messed up and he didn't want to hurt us in any way." she explained.

"And you're not mad at him for doing so!? 

There are many other ways he could have solved those problems! Why did he have to leave us alone!? I am suspicious if he even cares if we die here with hunger or live happily here!!"

*Smack* She smacked me gently on my 

back and explained to me.

"Mad at him? He did us all a favor. If he was here, you would be twice as naughty as you already are." She said.

Her eyes were nearly in tears.

"And I didn't want my sweetie to get hurt," she said softly in a sweet voice.

"I can't believe this! I am already hurt! He left me since I was 10, I don't even remember him much. Why the hell does he want me now!?" I asked mum anxiously.

"Because he's ready. When he left me, he promised me that he will come back. And he has." she said in a loving tone.

"He hasn't. I have to come back to him because I'm the one moving to Scotland." I said. I am getting annoyed by this topic.

"Sweetheart, he has changed. He's like the other dads.

He is a headmaster in a boarding school.

Whoever thought of that? A drug addict could become successful if he is determined and will prove everything and now he is trying to prove that he cares about us." she said.

'Now I am thinking..my mom must be drunk or something. She is drooling over him like she has a crush on him.

Ugh! Why is she so silly!?

Oops, she's not silly but well I think I need a proper answer why does she want me to go to Scotland.' I thought when mum was washing her dishes.

I didn't realize that she has already finished her breakfast and here I am dying with hunger.

I also started munching on my food.

I nearly laughed. "You are seriously thinking of taking me to Scotland."

"Yes. You told me you would love to travel someday if you got a chance." She said nudging me.

"Traveling isn't staying in one place for a long time," I told her blankly not showing her any hint of interest to go to that f*cking unknown place and start living there as a native.

"Well, it's a start. Then you could get money and go all over the world. You should go to France. I heard it's great there." she said with a smirk on her face.

'Here starts her buttering session.' I thought while staring at her and trying to burn a hole in her brain.

"Yeah, France is great. Mum does one thing, try to find a school for me there then I won't have to travel there, I can make money from there and stay there only" I said mockingly.

She shrugged.

"Please darling, it will be great there. You never know, you might have fun." She said pleading me to agree to go to Scotland.

"Mum-" she interrupted me

"Please, for me." She said with her puppy dog eyes pleading me.

"Just for a few months. Just have a little bit of bonding time with your dad." she pressed more and I stared blankly at her.

I sighed. "Fine."

'I can't win against her in any argument...I always have to give up. Oh well, she is my mom, she is more talented at this than me.'

There was no point arguing.

No option for me left.

And maybe Mum is right, there is no other school otherwise she wouldn't have chosen this annoying option.

She happily hugged me. "It means a lot to me, CeCe."

"So when?" I said in an annoyed tone.

"Any day you want. But sooner the 


"Okay," I said.

We went quiet for a second.

And then I said something that shocked both of us.

"What about tomorrow?"

Her eyes opened with amazement.

But she didn't seem happy. "CeCe, when I said sooner the better, I didn't mean-" I interrupted her.

"I know I know. I just want to get over and done with this." I said.

But that wasn't the reason. The real reason was that a part of me was excited. 

Excited to meet my dad. Yes, I've never heard from him for a long time but I had a feeling that it was going to be great.

"Okay then. Tomorrow I'll get you a ticket and everything."

"No, I mean get a ticket today, and I will get there tomorrow," I said.

She bit her lip.

Okay, I guess it was freaky that I wanted to go so early. What can I do? She is at fault

"CeCe, are you doing this because you're mad at me?" She said.

I screamed. "I HATE YOU SO MUCH! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!! FINE, I WILL GO. JUST TO GET ME OUT OF YOUR FREAKING WAY!" She looked startled. I smiled and started laughing loudly.

"That's what I would have said if I was mad," I added to make her feel relieved.

She laughed.

"Wow, you scared me there." She said. I started laughing again.

"I guess, I'm known as a good actor," I said blabbering about myself.

We both burst out into laughter. And then, when we both stopped, we stared at each other, both thinking the same thing.

Wow, It has been ages since we laughed together. It felt really good.

We were always far apart and the closest we got was when grandma died.

But this, it was real. I was laughing with my mum. The same mum who didn't understand me, the same mum who thought I misbehaved for attention, and the same mum who was sending me to Scotland, away from her.

Was I ready for a world of confusing accents and green clothes? Okay, that's not what Scotland is about but for some reason, its the only things I knew.

 But Scotland, it's so... different. And the school seems okay. If no one knows me there, I could make my personality. Or just be my freaking self.

So this dad who my mum says has 'changed.' Has he changed? The last time I remember him was when he had a talk with me about how much he loves me. 

And that could only mean that he was just saying all that to me because he was leaving me.

He didn't come once. He called a few times but never talked to me.

I was hurt. And why did I want to go there?

To make my mum happy and to solve this thing with my dad. And even though he hurt me so much, I still wanted to talk to him, hug him and tell him things.


I just wanted to be with him.


Source: Feather Story

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