( A Hard Goodbye)

"You got everything?" My mum asked for the sixth time.

I would have complained about her worrying but how could I complain when I'm worried myself. What if I made a bad decision?

What if something terrible happens?

Just... What If?

We were at the airport and this was my first time traveling alone. But that was the least of my worries. Will Mum be okay? My mum looked inside her bag and kept on looking at the time. We came half an hour early because Mum thought something might have happened in the way, she was getting herself worried over nothing.

"Mum," I called her looking at her intently.

She looked better now with her makeup and her blond hair tied back. Since my dad left, I didn't understand why she didn't date.

I mean, she was beautiful and even my maths teacher had a crush on her. And he's married. So I didn't understand. It's not like I couldn't tell her because I didn't know if I was ready for a new step or even just a guy living with us for a while. It just didn't seem right. Maybe that's how Mum felt.

"Yes, CeCe." She replied looking back at me and then stopped fidgeting. She must have noticed the gloominess on my face because she came and sat next to me."Look, I know its a big thing. But look at it as a big to-do list.

Number 1, go on a plane on your own and be careful.

Number 2, Do contact me after landing and reaching to your Dad's place.

Number 3, meet your dad, he might pick you up from the airport, and don't be rude to him. Be polite and greet him warmly.

Number 4, fit into the school very well and promise me that you will do a great performance there and last but not the least

Number 5, get your grades up. And you can leave the rest on me.


I smiled. It was hard to keep a straight face when this was the best heads up my mum could give me. But it did help. A to-do list. 

Yeah, I'll do it. But that wasn't the thing I was worried about.

"Mum, forget about me. Will you be able to 

do okay on your own at home?" I said looking at her concerned. She looked at a far distance near flight lanes for a while but then she smiled.

"How can I be alone? I have lots of friends and they could come and have a sleepover at my house any time they want. No one is old enough for sleepovers." She said to cheer me up. But it wasn't working.

I and my Mum never worked out but her just being there was a great comfort.

But when I'm going to go to Scotland, how will I know?

"But don't worry about me. Just don't pressure yourself. Have a bit of fun at times, also don't get expelled again, try to stay for a few months there." she said mockingly and started giggling.

I nodded and laughed with her.

"Can I have your attention, please? The 

passengers who will be traveling to Scotland, please reach to their gates in Ten minutes. Thank you." I heard the speaker blare out the announcement.

We both looked at each other.

Well, this is it.

The first-ever time I'm going on a plane.

The first time I'm ever going to leave Mum.

This is it.

"You'll do great, honey. Just remember to be nice to your dad. You may be a bit angry at him but not too much that you will make him end up in hospital." Mum said half-joking and half-serious.

I sighed.

"Don't forget to lock your door and make sure you don't let your friends in my room." I said.

I had to say something.

Rules are supposed to be stated from my side too.

"I may be gone for a while but I'll be back." 

I exclaimed.

"You should come to visit sometimes and don't eat too much junk food or you will end up on The Biggest Loser," I added. She laughed and then I saw a tear fall down her cheek.

Is she crying? I can't believe this.

So many firsts in one day. She hugged me tightly. Another first. I hugged her back, taking in a mummy smell that I could never work what it is.

"Attention Passengers, the flight to Scotland will be leaving in a short while so board as soon as possible. Thank you."

This moron lady..can't she keep quiet for some time!? Here an amazing emotional scene is underact and she is pestering us! 


"Bye Mum," I said hesitating when she stopped hugging me.

"Take care."

"Bye Cece. Be careful." She said and then that was it.

I went to the gate. I could see her in the distance waving at me.

I waved my back and smiled.


Who would ever know? I miss my mum already.


Source: Feather Story


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