Episode 6 

( The Ugly Truth) 

"Do you need me to help you?" The attendant said for the 100th time. 

Man! At the point when somebody says no, its a no. 

I was attempting to put my sacks on the pantry on top of my seat. It was hard yet I at long last did it. I gave a phony grin to the attendant and afterward sat at my seat. 

I smiled when I saw her giving me odd looks. What do you expect when you disturb somebody like me? 

I surmise they possibly asked when they discovered that I am voyaging alone. Has a 16-year-old never voyaged alone me? They make me giggle. I peered out the window. I could see the wing of the plane and traveler and baggage vehicles meandering around. It was extraordinary in an interesting manner. 

In any case, I can't help thinking about how it feels in the sky. I bet it's amazing! 

I looked at the screen before me. Goodness, so there's a small TV. I turned it on to just understand that they were showing the most exceedingly awful film I would have at any point watched in for what seems like forever. Marley and Me? Truly? 

It's charming yet not my sort. What else.. I searched wherever for a film that wasn't exhausting. 

No, they all were. 

What am I going to do now? 

I moaned irately. 

"Allow me to figure, you disdain these films?" I glanced around to see a person who checked out 17. He was attractive, despite the fact that he had glasses on. 

He wore a dark shirt and white pants. It looked incredible on him. 

He grinned. "This is seat 6b right?" 

I was confounded. Goodness right, seats! I took a gander at my seat. Mine was 6a. So 6b should be the one close to me. 

"6b is close to me, "I said prior to turning around and glancing out the windows. I can hardly wait to see the sky. The best piece of heading off to some place is arriving. What's more, I will appreciate this. 

"Along these lines, it's your first time on a flight?" It was this person once more. 

He had a Scotland highlight that I will be hearing constantly. It was OK yet I am more keen on watching the take-off meetings and entire open sky interestingly! 

"Better believe it, how would you know?" I asked vacantly. 

Did I seem as though somebody who never went on a plane? 

"Indeed, when somebody glances through the window like it's the most astounding thing, it gets sort of self-evident." He said with the  Scotland complement. 

"It is genuinely astounding, I am truly energized," I said honestly. 

He chuckled. "You think the ground is astonishing, stand by till you see the mists." 

"Great morning travelers, we will take-off in a short time so I demand everybody to attach your safety belts, switch off your telephone, read the manuals gave at each seat to crisis cases and turn on motion pictures in the event that you wish to on-screen before your seats," The attendant on the speaker said attempting to be entertaining. 

In any case, nobody heard. Everybody was yelling and requesting that individuals switch situates so they could sit with their families. What's more, these seats were truly crushed together so it was difficult to traverse. And afterward the most exceedingly awful thing occurs, an infant begins crying from behind us. The dreadful commotion! Furthermore, it was directly behind us! 

I got my pen from my sack and snapped it fifty-fifty. I was irate and when I'm furious, I like to break things. 

"Hold up! For what reason would you say you are breaking your pen?" 

The person said. 

Gracious! He took note. 

"I've broken the pen. 

Assuming I've broken, it's messed up what has that have to do with you!?" I said, making an effort not to get frantic. 

"Huh?" He said in a confounded tone. 


Source: Feather Story


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