Episode 7 

(The Ugly Truth(2) 

AAAHHH!! I'm excessively furious. 

For what reason don't these plane windows open 

so I could shout my outrage full scale!! 

"I'm furious," I said when I saw the person's face. Prior he saw me like I was crazy so I needed to mention to him what occurred with me. And afterward he grinned. 

"It's OK. Everybody gets distraught. What's more, don't stress over these commotions. They will all settle down when the plane takes off. Ay! 

Isn't everybody a hopeless cause?' He said attempting to satisfy me. I really wanted to grin. 

Twenty minutes passed and we had took-off. It truly looked wonderful. It was likewise a smidgen terrifying. I don't regularly get terrified however statures are something that are difficult to confront. It was calmer at this point. It was quiet. The child quit crying and everything you can hear is two individuals discussing weddings toward the back. 

"Isn't it obvious? I revealed to you it was extraordinary and I advised you 

it would settle down in here. Do you see it? You ought to consistently tune in to your seniors." He said jokingly. He sounded genuine however I couldn't resist the opportunity to giggle. 

Amazing, I never met any individual who can make me chuckle simply by being not kidding. 

"I'm Hans Parker coincidentally." He said grinning. 

"Furthermore, you are?" 

"Cece," I said. 

"See?" He said. "See what?" 

I grinned. "No, my name is CeCe." 

"Goodness! Apologies, I've never heard that name. Your folks named you that?" 

He didn't mean it bad since he had a straight face. Amazing, I never got offended by somebody who didn't realize they were offending me. 

"No, CeCe is my epithet. My genuine name is Cerina Cecil." 

"Ok, Cerina..such a lovely name." He said in appreciation. 

I grinned. "Much obliged." 

"Things being what they are, would you say you are from the USA? I could perceive that complement from anyplace. 

What is a young lady alone going to do in Scotland? Shouldn't you be in school?" He said pushing me and giving me the 'Are you missing from school' look. 

"As a matter of fact I will school in Scotland," I said safeguarding myself. 

"Truly? Have every one of the schools in your nation completed?" He said jokingly. 

Amazing, this person is truly something. 

"No, my father is a superintendent so he has me a spot in his school." 

"Goodness truly? Which school?" he asked in an inquisitive tone. 

I was going to say the school name when I understood who am I conversing with. "Stand by a minute...why would I educate an outsider regarding myself?" I said while scowling at him. 

"You truly think me being an understudy would seize you?" He said and I considered everything for a couple of seconds. 

"I don't have a clue. You advise me. You haven't said a lot regarding yourself." I said. 

"Aha! An astute young lady! I'll reveal to you everything about myself. I'm Hans Parker. I'm from Scotland and I am simply returning to Scotland from a vacation trip with my folks over yonder." He pointed at two couples who looked actually like him. The nose, the highlight, the grin, and everything. He went on "I go to Stoneridge Boarding High School-" I right away flickered and intruded on him. 

"Stand by what!? You go to Stoneridge High School!? No way....! That is the place where I'm going! Sh*t for what reason didn't you advised me before!?" I said in an irritated tone. 

He snickered. "I would have advised you on the off chance that you had asked me before however it's sort of insane. .meeting somebody who is really going to be in a similar school sounds like....fate?" he continued forever yet I overlooked his discussion. 

I immediately stood up and escaped my pack and took out the handout of the school that my mum gave me. 

"See, this is your school right?" I offered it to him. He looked it carefully and afterward took out this book that had the very logo that was on the handout. 

"Indeed, yet you don't comprehend " he planned to say something again yet I interfered with him in excitement. 

"Look! The logos! We both are going to a similar school!" I said calling attention to them for him. 

He nibbled his lip. He took a gander at the pamphlet on many occasions. All things considered, it looked that way. 

"What is it?" I said. 

Something wasn't right. 

From his face, something was befuddling as well. 

"You know...that this flyer is old to some degree around a year prior.' He said. 

I glared. 

What difference does it make? 

"Is that what you are befuddled about?" I said. 

"Indeed and No. See, this is our new the current year's flyer." He took out a fresh out of the box new looking handout. It had a similar logo of the school. I took it from him and glanced through it. 

"What will I see?" I asked him inquisitively. All it said was the new things they have placed into the school. I advised this to Hans. 

"I know yet that isn't the lone new thing. Understand this." He pointed at a passage underneath the new highlights of the school. 

Is there any valid reason why he won't simply mention to me what's going on? Gosh, these individuals. I read what he was advising me so anyone can hear. 

"OK, it says..'This school has been a major accomplishment since the important choice we made a year ago. We have made new offices from young men of any age that isn't simply fun yet instructive." I took a gander at Hans 

"Continue perusing, Cerina." He said taking a gander at the flyer as well. I murmured prior to proceeding. 

"We truly apologize for the brutal choice of changing this school to a..." I halted. 

I read this without saying it for all to hear. 

I was unable to accept this. 

It was here... It said it. 

Transforming it to a lone BOYS school!!? 

Just three words came into my brain... 

What the fuck....! 


Source: Feather Story


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