Episode 8 

(A Freaking Freak Problem) 

I took a gander at Hans...overwhelmed in the wake of hearing the 'Appalling Truth'. 

"I'm going to the lone kid's school!" I shouted. Individuals saw me like I was insane. In any case, I am going to go off the deep end! That is to say, this is a particularly insane thing itself... 

I, Cerina Cecil, A GIRL! Is going to a kid's school. 

A cracking young men just school!I can't accept this. 

Such countless feelings were running down me. The first was outrage. Nobody advised me. My mum, my father, NO ONE. 

This Hans fellow who ends up going to this alleged wonderful school advised me. Mum didn't advise me. How should she!? I removed my telephone from my pack. 

"What are you doing?" Hans said gazing at me. 

"What do you think...? I have a great deal to discuss with my Mum for the wellbeing of God first thing she didn't reveal to me that this school is just young men school and now I'm hearing it from a more odd person who I met in the flight fortuitously who goes there. 

Say thanks to God you are here. What's more, let me say, this truly is a little world yet at the present time, I need to converse with my mum. Where is the washroom?" 

"You need to go to the loo?" He inquired. 

"No, I need to yell uproarious so we should simply trust the latrines are soundproof," I said prior to edging my way to the latrine. 

First the packed plane, at that point the crying child, at that point the news that the school 

I'm going to is really a young men school and now a latrine with the size of a beanbag! 

I headed inside however I was unable to move by any means. 

This is a particularly little latrine! 

It makes my washroom resemble a cracking castle! 

"Poo! Damn it! I don't have the foggiest idea what the hell is occurring with me..again and again I am being focused by these silly issues!" 

I was gabbing in a low murmuring voice when I coincidentally hit the hand hit the stopping point of the latrine and my telephone fell in the washbasin. 

"Fuck! God help us!" I got amazed yet came to realize that the telephone didn't get wet. 

I bolted the entryway and took a gander at myself in the mirror. 

I was furious. 

My eyes were blasting and my hair rumpled all over. 

I trusted that my mum will get the telephone. 


"I'm going to a solitary young men school!" I shouted at her coming to the heart of the matter. 

"How should you not advise me, Mum...I thought you've changed. We snickered, we embraced, and you brightened me up yet at this moment, it amounts to nothing. I'm on a plane in a minuscule latrine going to Scotland where I will be with young men. Just young men Mother. Simply cracking young men!" 

"Amazing, that is some dreadful stuff." I scowled. 

This wasn't mum. It was one of her companions. 

"One moment, pet. Your mom has gone to do some shopping. She'll be back sort of late. In the event that you need to leave a message, I can advise her if my memory doesn't back me down." 

She continued discussing how she neglected to bolt her vehicle and other futile things. 

Be that as it may, what got me was my mum has gone out on the town to shop? 

Yet, I'm on a plane! She ought to be concerned on the off chance that I arrived safe. 

All things considered, she's picking if pink or purple shoes suit her dresses. 

I moaned. "Simply reveal to her that I'm OK and I'll call her when I arrive." 

I strolled back to my seat. 

Nobody was seeing me recommending that they didn't hear a word I said. 

I imploded on my seat. 

"How could it go?" Hans asked me in a soft tone. Did he need to know? 

"It worked out in a good way. Do you have a ruler?" 

He removed a wooden ruler from his pack. 

I snapped it into equal parts. 

"I'll take care of you." He took a gander at me and grinned. 

"You better. That was my #1 ruler." 

He said prior to setting back his earphones on his ears. 

"That was your number one ruler? I smell a weirdo here." I murmured half annoyingly and half-facetiously. 

"Did you say something?" He asked acting like a totally honest monstrosity. 

"I said to you-Ugh Nothing," I said prior to sitting in an agreeable position and to get some rest. 

I don't have a clue what will occur yet I trust it's not much. 


Source: Feather Story


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