( This Is Called Karma) 

We were at the air terminal. 

Well I get it's bye, I said putting my hand out for Hans to shake. 

He snickered. 

"I never expected I would say this to a young lady yet I'll see you in school." He said. 

"Also, it isn't so awful, we have woman educators and perhaps your father has a clarification for why he didn't advise you. 

Consider everything. Was simply 'neglected' by your folks. I smell an arrangement." He said. 

"Hans we should go. We've flagged down the taxi." I heard his folks say. 

"Well bye and I'll see you around in school yet assuming not, I might want to disclose to you that it was a delight sitting close to you." He said prior to shaking my hand and racing to his folks. 

I grinned. I get it won't be that terrible. Interestingly, I've made a companion. 

A genuine one who couldn't care less about my past and that I almost slaughtered somebody or I've attempted medications once. 

Pause, he doesn't realize that. I sat on one of the air terminal's seats. 

An old-looking man sat a couple of seats away. He looked truly anxious. 

He was perspiring. 

Goodness, something may be truly unpleasant him. 

I got a tissue out of my sack and offered it to the man. 

"Amazing, Thank you so much, dear." He said giving me a grin. 

He had a gold tooth that was truly 

startling on the grounds that he appeared to be a respectable man who cared for himself. 

"Pardon me, Have you seen a young lady who is about your age. She resembles this." He showed me an image. 

I was going to say no when I saw something. "OMG! That is me. Where the hell did you get this image!?" I said. 

It was me 2 years prior with my earthy colored hair. 

I changed the shading some time back and I lost some weight as well. 

This image looks in no way like me except for as it were, everything like me. 

"Pause, you're Cerina?" He said. 

His face was astonished. 

"Pause, you are m-my father?" I said hesitatingly. Be that as it may, I definitely knew it. 

He was. 

"It's actually quite ideal to meet you Cerina after so long." He said with a melancholy tone. 

Be that as it may, his grin was huge after a few while. 

I somewhat grinned back. 

"It's ideal to meet you too...' I said. 

I was going to say 'father' yet then it simply didn't feel right yet. 

He saw and sat on the seat close to me. 

"Goodness, this is stunning. You've become to such an extent. Your mom have raised a wonderful young lady." He said. 

"Much appreciated." I said vacantly gazing at the takeoff screen above, before our seats. 

"You look incredible yourself. In any event better than the last time I saw you." I said down the middle taunting and half irritated tone. His grin went topsy turvy. "I disdain myself for leaving you yet I-" 

"Will we not discussion about this? I'm somewhat worn out." I said attempting to keep away from this discussion. 

I understood what I was getting into. 

'I'm sorry Celia, I was making an honest effort however I 

didn't have any desire to hurt you. I did it for you. I was thinking about your future.And this is the last thing I needed to hear from his mouth. 

"Goodness sorry, I was simply... don't bother. How about we go to our home. Well not home yet live-in school. Also, there's something I need to advise you." He peered down apprehensively. 

"It's alright, I know," I said. 

"As irritated as I am, I'm fine that it is a solitary kid's school." 

"You discovered? How? Did your mom advised you?" He said. I egotistically smiled at him. 

"No, an understudy from your school advised me," I said. I folded my arms. 

I was truly frantic at this point. 

"For what reason did you conceal it from me?" 

'Gracious Cerina-' as he planned to clarify, I intruded on him. 

"It's CeCe. We should go at this point." I said. 

I got my bag and my pack. 

I realize that I'm by and large excessively mean however that is 

what how I am. Mean. 

Furthermore, I knew who I got it from. 


Source: Feather Story


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