"A Girl In A Boy's School"


(CeCe + Troubles = A Blast Of Mum's Lectures )

We were at home in the living room after 

getting back from the principal.

Mr. Arnold is fine. The blood was from a splinter. When the class was asked who did this, first no one said anything. And then they chickened out when the principal said the entire class would be suspended for a month. Bunch of idiots they were anyways.

I sat on the couch quietly, playing with my thumbs.

"How can you do this sort of thing CeCe?" My mum barked at me for the sixth time.

I rolled my eyes.

I never intended harm.

*Ahem* Actually I did.

He was a pedophile and what I did was not what he deserved. He deserved worse. 

Much worse!

"But Mum-" I was interrupted by her 

lecture again about how it was hard to get this school from my report of excluded schools in the past few years.

Okay, I guess I've been kicked out of 6 schools, actually, 7 schools now. But what can I do? I just don't suit in. And it's not like I could tell my mum about my problems, she won't listen...

I don't hate my mum but she's the worst mum a teenager can have. She doesn't understand anything. I tried to explain but she just gives me an explanation about what things are right and what things are wrong.

"And this is your seventh school! CeCe, you've hit people, done graffiti, made rumors, 

locked teachers in washrooms, spilled paint from the roof at principal also almost burned down a school. You might not know this but your bringing shame to your family!" She screamed.

"Family?" I said. I was irritated now.

"You call this a family? It's just you and me, mum. And we never work out. I don't 

understand you and you don't understand me!

If its something that's driving me to do all these mad actions, it's you okay! And you know why?

All you think about is what your friends will think about you. And you know what? 

They already think bad about you and that's not my fault.

You care and only about your f*cking self." 

I screamed. 'Oops, I assume I blabbed a lot...CeCe you are done..' CeCe thought after blurting everything out in anger.

She came in front of me and put her hand out ready to slap me. I closed my eyes, tears falling. After a few seconds, I opened my eyes to see my mum looking at her hand which she was about to slap me with. She looked shocked.

"Look, what you were going to make me do." My Mum whispered. I wanted to say something. Anything to make her not cry but what can I say? I just stood there and watched her sit on the couch and put her hands on her head. It looked like she was thinking something.

I went to my room quietly. I looked at myself in the mirror.

My blond hair was now everywhere. And my green eyes were filled with tears.

I never cry but seeing my mum like this, I had no choice but to let it out.

I banged my head on the mirror.

"Why am I such an idiot?" I said to myself. 


I have never seen my mum like this. 

Normally, she tries everything to get her point across. She shouts and shouts until she loses her voice. And then after a while, she makes a joke. But this time she didn't. 

And I knew why. She was tired. She was tired of the burden she was carrying. 

And it was my fault.

In a way, I and Mum were close. When I wasn't naughty, we used to have a lot of fun. But that was before dad left.

After that, we were not a daughter and a mother living in an apartment. We were just two girls living in an apartment... And  that sucked.

I went to sleep. There was no school tomorrow so I took my time going to sleep.

Normally, I would be happy but this time, I just felt a hole in my heart.

That would not go.

Source: Feather Story


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