If you are not looking for relationships now (or tired of dating a guy who doesn't want it), you might consider the FWB situation.

A ... Whaaaa?

If you haven't heard this term, let me illuminate you:

FWB = friend with benefits
Basically, this is the man you're associated, where there is no string installed. You don't have a relationship. You may or maybe not dating, out for dinner, get out to drink ... but you definitely have hot s😍x!

Have you started the FWB situation or just want to learn more about what you might enter with one, let's talk about the meaning or implications of FWB.

7 potential fwb meanings you must know

Just like every relationship, every friend with different benefit situations. But most falls into at least one of the following.

1. One of us hopes this is more

Sometimes one person lands on friends with the situation of benefit that hopes the relationship is more. Do you? Do you feel more connected with him after having sex than it seems? Do you hope you can really date this person or establish a relationship with him?

Or maybe it's him. Maybe you are fine to keep things relaxed, but you can feel it catching feelings for you.

What you need to know:

 If you want more, look out. It's easy to destroy your heart if he really just wants to have sex, and if it's the problem, you won't change my mind.

2. We both got something from this
Sex and it's a basic need

 If you don't establish a relationship, have it with FWB that you trust with your body is the next best thing. And Heck: If you have regular sex, you might even have more sex than you if you are in a relationship. According to this study, around half of people in relationships do not have sex every week. If you get more than that, it's good for you!

What you need to know

Do not take advantage of the situation or man. Yes, you like sex, but keep in mind, you are in a relationship, even if it's not a romantic with a long future, so respect him and his time. No. 11 P.M. Bootie call!

3. It works until something better comes

You (and maybe the man you're associated) happily becomes FWB until one or both of them end up in a relationship. Maybe you both have trouble finding a decent partner in the dating application, so you have decided to just enjoy your friendship (as well as the extraordinary benefits) to sir or Ms. Right to come.

You might even sympathize with your bad dating experience, which, besides hot sex, can be a great stress relief!

What you need to know

As soon as he has a relationship, it's over. Alright with uncertainty doesn't know when this setting might end. And don't keep connecting once or you are both serious relationships!

4. This is a safe way to see what the connection is

If you have difficulty being vulnerable to a man, having a FWB might be a safer way for you to get intimate without having to commit longer. But if you are looking for love, having friends with benefits is not a way to go.

If you are not looking for long-lasting love, this might be a good choice, but it will be complicated quickly, so be prepared for it.

What you need to know:

 Open to the place you need, but talk about expectations. Are you okay if he has sex with someone else? Is she?

5. This will be F #% @ our friendship

Maybe you take strong friendship and turn it into a relaxed sexual relationship. It can succeed ...
... but it can also destroy what you have, and then you will drop one friend who is important to you. FWB vibrates, and they must change the dynamics of friendship, whether it is because one of you starts to have feelings or because sex is just too complicated by your friendship.

What you need to know:

Decide whether it’s worth the risk of potentially losing this friend. Have plenty of discussions up front about expectations (more on that in a minute) so there’s no gray area.

If you start catching feelings
So ... everything seems great, but what happens if you start having feelings for your FWB? More than probably, the dynamics will change. This is the risk you have taken when you dropped this path.

Stop connecting and trying to spend time together in another way. This will make you worse for you, especially if you have a type of insecure attachment because you probably connect sex with an emotional attachment. You will not be able to be intimate with this man without having strong feelings.

Talk to him. If it is open to date or have a relationship, move the dynamics to be relaxed to something more serious. Restart. Go to dates, even if you have known for years. And do not have sex until you did not know you under this dynamic. Imagine that you go out someone completely new!

If he does not return your feelings, do not spend more time with him and you certainly do not have sex with him.


For some people, having a friend with benefits can be his own advantage. This can make you feel connected to a man even when you do not date, and of course, there are all the benefits that sex brings!

I just go through this situation with caution. I know so many women who were injured in an FWB arrangement. And you do not want it to prevent you from finding this love you are looking for.

Ladies, leave a comment below: Have you ever had a friend with benefits? What advice can you share?

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  1. For me as a guy I prefer friends with benefits because it's fun

  2. What's the difference between FWB And Bestie Sir?

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