Marriage is a awesome Union, that's made among a man and woman who turn to become husband and wife. It is Union where this each parties must understand that their togetherness isn't only for some time or for the moment but forever.

In today’s world, the word “Marriage” has changed, the reason of which marriage is such to be fulfilled has lacked its source. Some marriages nowadays are in higgledy-piggledy due to infidelity and once in a while lack consistency and dedication. Some married men generally tend to look away from their various homes due to a lack of understanding and occasionally a little mischievous attitude which one party tends to portray.

Some men in today’s world have already made it normal not to be submissive to their partner even when they’ve already taken a vow on it. They care much less and some even go to the extent of threatening to deal with you if you dare open up to relatives.

“A woman some years back divorced her husband due to the fact she wasn’t getting enough of him, even when she tried her best in the area of communication, to understand or instead find out the husband’s reason for always not making out time for them. But it yielding any result so on a very good day she found out that her husband has been frolicking with another woman outside their marriage, at first she didn’t believe what she saw. She caught her husband making out with another woman on their matrimonial bed.
After this scenario took place, the husband warned her strictly to keep her mouth shut. He threatened to deal with her if she dares to tell anyone.

after few years of this experience filed for divorce Because she can’t stay in the marriage again.
So, they're really men out there who've no reason for playing wrong on their marriage. They just do it for doing’s sake and in the end, they themselves end up destroying and losing their marriage.

On the other hand, the ladies make matters worst in Society today. A few research done indicates that some ladies date married men because of the satisfaction they get, in other to maintain life. Some regard it as what they call “Cruise” and accompany it with a saying “Enjoy it while last, that nothing lasts forever.
This truly has put some family, marriage into confusion because the partner sometimes tends not to understand the fire he's bringing to his home.
To some ladies, the married are the ones that spend more on them or even take good care of them, therefore, there’s no need of dating or hanging with unmarried men/guys.

This really has caused numerous Heartbreaks even without knowing because, in the end, some ladies may not know they're dating a married man. While some intentionally do it because of fun and sometimes do it as a pay-back period.
Indeed, this is becoming alarming to Society and trying to reduce it seems not to be abortive because some ladies on their own, have taken it as an oath to date a married man without valuing or regarding that it has its own repercussions.

The men on their own, sometimes drag this on their head, because they’ve refused to build their homes the way they should be.
A man had a misunderstanding with his wife, instead of him fixing the problem, he left his home and never returned until 3 days. He angrily left to see one of his female folks who vehemently refused to sleep with him the very day he had this misunderstanding with his wife. Alas, the very day he observed that the lady is the daughter of his wife’s friend.
Now, what's this man suppose to do??
A misunderstanding that could be fixed within few minutes, would have ruined his home.

Indeed dating a Married man will surely lead to Heartbreak, because Marriage itself is a life-time vow, even when many tend to take leave, the vow on the altar has already been made.

Four reasons why dating a Married man will lead to Heartbreak

1. They Will Never Leave Their Home:

No matter how devoted a man is in a relationship outside his home, he will never turn his back on them. Because, no matter how a man will love you in a relationship outside his home, he will always sacrifice his love, care, and attention for his family. He wouldn’t want his home tear apart because he is with you.
You will always have to dance and believe his excuses because you'll always want him, his attention and all. So there’s a 100 percent tendency that you'll certainly suffer from Heartbreak if you are dating a married man.

A man started dating outside his marriage because he isn't getting enough of his wife,(he refused to initiate communication)and the wife, on the other hand, didn’t know about this, she never noticed she’s not giving enough. He kept frolicking with side maiden, promising her heaven on Earth and so, but what happened at the end. He later left his beautiful maiden and went back to talk out things with his wife.
So no matter how you fall in love, never dream of falling for a Married man.

2. Time Difficulties:

A married man won’t have time for you because they’ll spend 80% of their time with their family and would give you little or less attention because they understand it’s not a wasted time. Being with you is just to cool off the moment, while they wait and settle for other things that don’t even involve you in the picture. They will always give excuses of which you have no choice but to accept.

3. No Energetic Communication:

You don’t expect a man who already has a family to maintain an active Communication with you. No, it’s not possible. Even while at home with his family, he always finds a way or rather tells you not to call him when he’s home. No time to express your so-called feelings or to talk about where the relationship is heading to.

4. There’s No Hope For The Future:

You don't have any future with a married man because already, he has settled with his own family. You’ll only be there wasting Your valuable time being faithful to someone who’s already committed to his family.

Dating isn't a crime, but dating someone who has already found his life partner is out of the box because you as a young lady will get to lose many things, Heartbreak too. So in all you do, tend to find someone who will truly care and give you the entire attention that you want, not a Married man who already has whom he wants, need and whom he has already chosen to care, love and his attention to. Be Wise!

Adeniji Oluwapelumi is a Relationship, Literature & Lifestyle Blogger, Vlogger, Social Media Influencer, Social Media Manager/Strategist, Advertising Agency, Content Creator, Travel lover, an online crawler, an introvert, an extrovert and a witty writer. He loves nature and creativity.

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