Have you ever wondered how many dates you should continue before having sex?

Let's say you are on a date with a man, and it quickly prepares to be one of the best dates you have ever had. Sexual chemistry is out of graphics. You think of what it could be like in bed. Hell, you think this guy could potentially be the one.

But then comes the chic.

Looking for something long term and not just an occasional connection.

Will he have the wrong idea?

Am I going to ruin my shot in a relationship while sleeping with him too early?

The short answer is that you should do what you want to do, and there is no set of rigorous rules you should follow with regard to sex. The most important thing is that you (and your future auto) feel many choices you do.

But chances you have found your way here because you are not looking for the short answer. I will break this for you in more detail in this article.

There is no "right" for the first time to have sex.
We have all been on the end of mixed messages when it comes to sex:

You do not have sex before having been on at least three dates.

If you come home with him on the first date, you are not a girlfriend.

You must have it wait for a month, minimum.

If it feels good, have sex. Why deny your body what he wants?

That's then?

Whatever the different personal rules, people have for their sexual life, remember that you are not. So do not keep you responsible for the rules of others.

And if you have your own gender rules that feel good, it's great. But if you end up break them, do not you judge for that. If chemistry is there and you want to have sex, go ahead.

The truth is, there is never time "right" to have sex with someone again. Every woman is different, every man is different and each relationship is different.

Do not worry about what other people might think or say of you. Your choices are yours. You do not have to explain to anyone.

What I'm going to say is, make sure you have sex for the "right" reasons.

Here's what I mean by that.

You should only have sex if you really want, and not because of subsequent patterns.

This means that you do not have sex in the hopes, it will prevent it from going out with other people and hire you. You do not have sex because you want to have it long enough or because you feel squeezed.

Take this step when you feel completely ready and make the decision together.

How many dates before sex?
Can I have sex on a first date?

There was a moment when people were waiting until they were married before having sex for the first time. Although some people still practice this, most people do not expect for a long time to act.

However, sleeping with someone at first date is always considered taboo by society and most of the stigma is unfairly directed to women.

"I think people avoid sex on the first date due to patriarchal" wisdom "that women should make men work for sex and usually delay it" - Jenna Birch, author of the gap of love .

Birch says that this is toxic because it perpetuates the obsolete belief that men are the only ones to receive sex. He keeps women disconnected from their sexual energy and encourages them to "protect" their sexuality.

In the end, you can absolutely have sex on a first date, if you wish. And you should feel guilt or shame on this subject.

But remember that sex changes things.
As strong as you try to convince you that nothing will change after sleeping with a guy, it's always

And it's not because of something you do (or do not do) -It is because of how your body reacts as a woman when you sleep with someone again for the first time .

Two Major Things Arrive:

1. Your body produces the oxytocin "link hormone".
It's the same hormone that is released when a mother is breastfeeding her baby. If sex is particularly good, you can count on your body to produce oxytocin. You do not have a say!
On the other hand, the guy you slept will produce more testosterone, called "hunting hormone". This means that if it is adamant, he wants to be with you, he is likely to continue hunting, that is to say with others.

2.  Once the link hormone starts, you will have to stop trying to sleep with other people.

It may be because of a subconscious fear of getting pregnant, but most women do not really like to sleep with several men at the same time. As a result, you can find yourself accidentally to become monogamous to this type you slept.

This means that you were essentially taken through the game of meetings for someone who probably did not give you any  that they wish to hire.

Chances are, it's not where you want to be!

In my seven small stages of love to attract a man and the relationship of your dreams, we show you the importance of keeping your options open and make sure it continues.


Be faithful to yourself.
The only rule you should have when it comes to sex is to stay true to who you are and what you want and need.

This could mean that you sleep with a guy on a first date, or if you take six months or more before you feel ready. Do not worry about what someone else says or do-do - your sex life is not their business, and you do not need to change that you need to match the expectations of someone another.

How many dates do you usually expect before having sex with a new partner? And does that feel just for you?

Let me know in the comments below.

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