What Does It Mean To Kiss Aggressively?

Kiss is a love expression! A kiss is also a sign that shows how connected you are for that individual. But aggressive kisses have different meanings for some people 
Aggressive kisses are when kisses become violent, strong, arrogant and grand. Aggressive kisses may also be a romantic way to express themselves. Aggressive kiss can also involve aggressive lip bits.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why guys kiss aggressively


1. He might look for opportunities for it:

Have you ignored or made a man stranded for a kiss? If not, then be prepared for aggressive! One way for a man to get a free kiss from you is to kiss you without permission. Manyopportunist men, and every few chance they get, they tend to use it.

The nature of aggressive kisses

In aggressive kisses, the man will kiss you (maybe with enthusiasm) and hold the back of your head strongly for him not to lose the handle. Sometimes when a man does that, if the girl really likes it, he will reply.

2. Maybe You offend him

Some men have the habit of kissing their women aggressively when they offend him. Most men use this media as a tool to channel their anger into something different. When you make them angry, instead of shouting at you or beat you, they impose to kiss you by forcefully reduce their anger. If you see this kind of behavior, try to ask some information about "why he did it".

3. Urgent need in sexual satisfaction with you

This is largely happening especially when you practice long distance relationships. Even without having a boost for sexual intimacy, the scenery you see your partner for a very long time wants to make it kiss you aggressively.

Also, when he's h * Rny, he might want to kiss you aggressively, because he knows you can't hold it, thus giving up on his wishes. Although some people have the inability to control their feelings, the only way for them to get what they want is kissing you aggressively.

4. They may not be interested in that

Some people might kiss you because they just want to please you and they don't want to ignore you. There are several reasons why he might not be interested in kissing, this could be busy, having problems at work, or the current financial crisis. No one will be happy if he is rejected what he usually has. Therefore, he will not take the risk of making you angry. When you force him to kiss, surely he won't pay attention and it can cause him to kiss you aggressively.

5. He might still be amateur in the game

Not everyone who enters a relationship is actually a pro, some entered to learn. Even in marriage, some people finally married someone who was not romantic or knew little about it.

There are men who are not friendly or too romantic with their partners, this might make them kiss you aggressively. Instead they really hate you, but it has become part of them.

 Also, there are some men who do some difficult jobs as their daily work activities. Many of them usually carry it to the bedroom. Imagine dating a man carrying 200 cement bags (50kag weight) every day or a man carrying up to 300 (from 30kg) stems, and he brings an aggressive attitude like kissing, how is that? It could be in nature.


Talk to him about it, especially if you are uncomfortable with the kiss technique he uses. For him a better person. You can do this by teaching it ... Don't abuse or laugh at it, be nice. Remember that being in a relationship must make you a better person. Make it become the person you desire

6. He might want to escape from you

Here, you don't need the Prophet to tell you that he plans to leave you. You will notice he has a desire to do it, he just wants to do it aggressively and leave. You will notice that every time he kisses you, he will always leave you upset.

7. He gave the wrong signal that you enjoyed it

The inability to observe and understand the mood, and your partner's emotional status will always make you make the right decision at the wrong time. People see movies, note what happens without taking a good survey of what, to whom, or why it happened. Many people think that aggressive kiss is one of the best ways to make your partner in the mood. That's sometimes. Sometimes your partner might think you enjoy it, this might make it want to kiss you all the time.

Aggressive kiss may be amazing for some people if both couples agree with it at a certain time. But if you see it's the only way for him to take sex from you quickly then you need to talk to him.

He may experience psychological problems, if such a problem is not treated quickly, it can lead to him raping you someday. When you pay attention to it, trying to bring it to meet the therapist.

Finally, always tell him that he can have you anytime, he doesn't have to go through the fire kiss you aggressively.

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