I can't handle it anymore!  " Matt gritted his teeth when he attended a messy kitchen .  " How exactly did I get myself in this matter ? "He walked out to the sitting room again, threw his bag to the sofa.

It was a disgusting golden smell that made his feet move towards the kitchen area in the first place.

"Vera! Over! Vera!" He stalked up the stairs to the main bedroom, already a week now, because Vera continued to promise to clean dirty dishes, "won't you answer?" He raved. Cracking the Doorknob Unlock, he ran into the room, his eyes left every corner and gap of the uncle's room, finally landed on a woman lying on the bed.

"Jeez!" His teeth flared again.

"Wake up, wake up!" He knocked Vera constantly.

"Love!" Vera was lazy to stretch, yawning with his hand in his mouth wide open. "Oh? You're back!" Wipe his eyes for the umpteenth time, his views were immediately fixed on their apple-shaped wall clock in front of him. "What?!" Be very surprised, like about the fact that he hasn't finished his assignment at home. It's time to read 4:35 at night, he can only wash and clean the sitting room. He still didn't turn around to see the state of the man gathered before him.

"You're a bit early today," he yawned again, turned away to him.

"Oww!" He gasped, his tranquility went berserk to bring him to the center of attention. "Sorry, I don't mean ..." He jumped out of bed at once, did not finish his words.

"Gosh! Where is the scrubbing brush?" He tried to repair Hairnet properly on his head, confusing back and forth several times, before finally running down in the descension towards the warehouse that accommodated cleaning items and some of the other necessary things needed. "Gosh, how long can I sleep?!" He wrestled, opened the door.

Getting necessary items that will be needed for cleaning, he ran up again, without wasting time.

By the time he entered the room and started cleaning, the raging Matt face had been a little cold. He sat on the couch now, with a head bent, rubbing his shaved drawstring.

Increasing his head again, he looked at the tiny but a walnut woman in front of her at the behilderment.

The way its minimal straight legs continued to cross each other in the movement, when he sat by rubbing the corn-silk tile floor, it looked a little charming.

He really never saw a woman who had just married her, three months ago. He looks rather small but a brave woman he has ever passed.

He just finished parking the dusty dirt into the trash and rushed to the wardrobe, began to record the clothes hanging on the door of the closet panel, with them spread inside.

He wondered why it looked very difficult for him to overcome it by doing simple homework. Isn't he a secretary worker so far, how is he so lazy? If it is not his insistence that he must stop from his job, how can he overcome combining his duties and work? Obviously, with observations, Vera seemed to really get out of there when thinking about the house.

Massing his forehead lightly, he sighed deeply.

"You have to release your office's office, isn't that right?" The sound of his fruit comes gently, "and then take a shower." He continued, "I will be finished with this in a few minutes, then repair something for you to eat!" He concluded, folded his clothes neatly.

Try not to lift his voice, "in a few minutes you say." He answered instantly. "What then happens to dirty plates in the kitchen that it smells like a dead mouse?" He pointed to the left finger, as if the kitchen was only around there.Meanwhile, it's downstairs.

"I'll clean it, don't worry!" He beamed a smile, slipped clothes that were folded neatly into their respective drawers, and hung which was hung on a hanging rail.

That smile again, he pondered, got up until his legs. The smile has a smelting effect that makes his heart jump in a knock. How he can do that to him, especially now because he is very upset with his laziness. He practices towards the dressing room to open clothes.

Talk about fixing something for him to eat. In addition to garbage, fried noodles, and maybe tea, Vera is not a person who can prepare healthy food, even with jammed food in the fridge, and at the moment he is not even ready to swallow something unsatisfied.

How do I even end with a piece of baggage like this? He sighed again, walked to the bathroom he cracked the door locked. Turning on the shower, he stretched his head unconsciously, when cold water that calmed flowed into his body, calming his nerves.


In a few minutes he came out. Walk to the room, there is no track in it. He went about wearing shorts and a polo shirt without a weapon, and then made a descension from the stairs to the sitting room, but the vocal tone was beautiful, his ears took, but his legs moved towards the kitchen area.

With crosses and arms wrapped around, he bent his back against the wall which was very close to the entrance of the kitchen. Very excited from the tone, his eyes slowly floated tightly, took everything.

"Ouch!" The filly was cut short by scream, his legs raced into the kitchen at once. The finger of a heavy-blooded vera, a knife covered with soapy water inside the kitchen sink has his finger hurt, but it's not a very deep piece.

Yelping, "Gosh! You should be more careful." Anxiously holding Vera's finger, he took him under the beat of running.

Religated to their room and down again, he brought first aid kit. Help him up the kitchen table, he went to open the kit.

Vera Condorting's face, "Arrghhh!" He cried with his eyes closed. When Matt cleared injury with the spirit of methylation. Learning features that reverse his face, he found himself admiring him. He looks prettier like a toddler's hissy fitting.

Be careful, he wraps the wounded finger with a bandage. His gaze raised met his own and for a moment of silence, both lost in their own world.

Matt really never saw this woman, this woman had a good effect on her. Isn't this the same woman, he feels not close to what he thinks as a perfect woman? He was the first to approach him to get married, stating he only obeyed the highest command.

After about four months of prayer seriously, a series of confirmation from God followed, but he continued to doubt, and the more he hesitated, the stronger confirmation became.

Vera has disappeared immediately after obeying his order, and this has added doubts at that time. All the same, he finally became willing to continue with a marriage proposal after about seven months passed, only because it was God's attention, not because that was what he wanted, the reason he judged he was brave because not only women had drove orders easily.

Now, Matt has grown into a sadistic, really sad about anything about binding bonds, after being rejected directly and indirectly by eight women already. It's not that he doesn't fit or desirable. In fact, mostly, if not all showed his interest at a good time, but whenever he was forged forward to click on the green button, simultaneously reddened. Don't know why it continued to happen to him, he decided that being single was his fate, so he closed his heart and saw him from seeing the direction of women.

His marriage to Vera is and still not a romantic type. Instead he really hates it, but he doesn't love him all the same things, contact love to him is gone.

Interestingly, their marriage is almost three months rarely happy. They almost never had a problem, except the fact that Vera was a slow woman, and it always happened to her.

When he looked into the black eyes fiery, his hand gently caressed his greasy but soft square face, his heart fluttered. He has been drawn to him in a way, maybe a spark inside him did not disappear after all, because this little woman gradually moved something in him.

Suddenly jerking from a touch that was almost soft from their lips, he pulled his hand from his face instantly, and at that moment, the calm around them became awkward.

Walk to the kitchen sink, "I'll take it from here, you can rest now." He said he didn't look at him. Vera did not give a reply. Instead, a surge in disappointment and anger had taken over him.

Jumping down from the counter he was sitting along, he stalked out of the kitchen. Matt could feel anger from his steps, but he refrained from chasing him, burying his head about cleaning the plate. This is not the first time they go all over their own world, but he has always been an end to the flame.

Half an hour later, Vera annoyed and changed the number on his cellphone screen, finally answered.

"He didn't even touch me, didn't even look at me, I began to feel I was just a slave here," pacing with an accident back and forth in the room, cutting nails nervously with his teeth anxiously. , "It's almost three months of marriage to him, but how long for me to feel like wife content? Do you really think I can overcome this NNE?" Squeezing his heart inside him gave a soft sob.

"He gave me a mixed feeling! I'm not pretty pretty nne, ehn? I touch I always make me feel like dirt. Wait, is there a connection with my tiny nature, I can always be fat you know?" He continued to devote, not even letting it up His mother called talking.

"It's not related to me as his wife, that's all the other cases that only make me NNE, in the dark. My heart hurts, it's sick, I feel I'll lose my breath." He groaned, with his hand squeezing the center of his chest.

"I better just be single, you know. Is this a kind of punishment for me, Lord? Arthhh! Where am I wrong?" The phone slipped his hand, his knees surrendered with horror getting his butts fell on the corn-silk floor, as he shouted His heart was challenging.

He could barely hear the poor woman who called her by telephone until the woman hung up with a determination to call her later.


Matt just entered the room, his ears took every word Vera said. He did not realize how much his impact was until the tears ran down his cheeks.

It's time to be a worthy husband. He didn't even realize it until now, how much monster blooded cold he thought, thinking about the negative things from the predemen of his past, and how he did not record, that in a cheerful personality and warming was a very damaged woman.

He was really not worthy of all the pain he caused him. Hiding through a sharp smile of the heart, was a sadness well that was unknown, and now dawn to unite his actions.

Don't know how his legs entered the room, he squatted in front of him, took him to his chest, but he pushed him away.

"Forgive everything for everything. Tell me, how can I change this, and I promise ..."

"Loved me, that's all. Is it too much asking?" Vera was cut off, with red eyes and tears stained.

"Teach me, I'm worried I don't know how," Matt answered softly with a shaky hand. "Or maybe I forgot how, after I lost myself." He sighed, got up until his feet.

He looked up to fulfill his confused gaze, "Tell me, tell me all, Maybe at that time, you will know how, once again. "He immediately nodded his reply. He could not save it anymore, he needed to get rid of everything. Maybe at that time he would be able to live in light again. Vera wiped his tears to take her husband's hand.

"I have to fix something for us to eat first. After that, I will tell you all about it." He answered.

Knock, "Okay, I'm starving, you know." He beamed his heart smile.

"As much as me." Matt Retorted. They giggled, and by leading Vera, they rushed to the kitchen, still holding their hands.

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