Before you start asking why the kiss is important in a relationship, let's understand the concept of the word "kiss". Kiss is a touch or act of pressing a person's lips against other people or objects.

The meaning of kiss culture varies greatly. Depending on culture and context, kisses can express anger sentiment, worry, love, passion, and romance. It can also describe sexual attraction, sexual activity, sexual arousal, affection, respect, greetings, friendship, peace, care, and good luck, among many others. In some situations, kisses are ritual gesture, formal or symbolic that shows devotion, and respect.

Kiss can be in your body part depending on your feelings. It can be on the lips, on your forehead, neck, shoulders, cheeks, at the end of your nose, and so on. Kissing is the most important and basic aspect of every relationship whether intimate or not. This is because it is used to show a sense of feeling or understanding.

Also, kisses are generally good for the human health system. When increasing happy Hormones in the woman body through the brain. This alone allows you to bind with your partner well. It also increases self-esteem and also helps psychologically. For example, it can help reduce stress and anxiety.
According to different studies, kisses can also reduce period cramps, soothe your headaches, control your blood pressure, and so on. Therefore, improve the human immune system.
Linking lips with your partner will give you one of the best feelings in your relationship. 
kisses can help both partners know each other. Because it will encourage emotional communication between the two. This might also be a way to make someone interested in surviving.
So, if you are wondering how important a kiss for a relationship, then you know the answer now! It is also seen when couples who smell more often tend to be more satisfied with their relationship.
Here are some other facts to show how important kisses in a relationship.


1. Goodness and stress remover

Kissing naturally relaxes us and serves as instant pick-up. When we kiss, it stimulates our brain to release the cocktail of good chemicals that are calm and excites us at the same time.
It runs far in relieving stress and increases paired happiness.

2. Communication

Also, kissing someone special can be used to communicate with those you miss. You can use it to tell the person you care about or you want to make love. It can describe a lot of feelings without having to say a word.

If when kissing, it starts to be intense, you tell the person you love that you are ready to make love. When it's slow, it tells your partner that you enjoy your time spending together.
A kiss can also tell them that you are bored and not interested, it can also show that you are angry with your loved ones especially when kisses become rough and aggressive.

3. It Shows the situation things

When you are in a kiss that is heated with your partner, do you think of your partner or other things like work? For example, if you have been with a partner for a while now and the type and lack of a kiss that happens has made you wonder what happened to the splash there?

If your partner doesn't smell or kiss your lips, it might mean that their feelings have changed. It might be time to talk and see where your partnership stands and where the relationship is headed. Also, maybe they are bored or have moved and don't know how to tell you.
When your partner avoids kissing you on the lips, it means no more spark. Therefore, it can show the situation of things in your relationship.

4. It Express love and care

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection for someone or something. Kiss shows your partner how much you love them and care for them. If you don't get enough of your partner, they might think that you don't feel the same thing anymore.

It's important to keep a spark in your relationship stay alive, by giving a kiss on every small opportunity you get. If you don't like to do it publicly, it is understandable. You can show your partner how much it means for you and how big you care about them. Just by kissing them often behind the closed door.

5. It Solve relationship problems

When you and your partner experience a bad day for example, during the fight, you can redeem kiss. It might ended up being a grace that saved for the day.

Even though it might not solve all the problems of your relationship, a passionate kiss can save your relationship because it crashes.

6. It's fun and thrilling

The kiss is fun and thrilling! It doesn't have to lead to sex at any time, you can enjoy that feeling. This is an opportunity for both of you to be crazy and explore the mouth and body with each other.
Another pleasure about kisses is that there are no restrictions and rules, you can make it yourself. So, if you like talking between your kiss, sucking his tongue, or biting his lips then do it! That's what makes you unique from other couples.

7. It Promote good health

Another reason why important kisses in a relationship are their ability to promote good health. During a heated and passionate kiss, your body releases adrenaline, which is known to eliminate feelings of pain like a headache.

8. Functioning as an apology

Ever used a kiss to stop things from increasing between you and your partner? During the fight with your partner or when there are some misunderstandings, kisses can function as an apology.
To resolve this problem, it will be more useful to kiss when you are both angry with each other. Sweet kiss and passionate during that period as saying "Sorry, we are fine"

9. It Increase passion

Feel aroused and you don't know how to tell your partner about that? Deep and sensual kisses will set the stage for increased sexual pleasure. You can also notify your partner like what your lover is. When kissing is a good way to tell your partner how great S * x with you will be.
Likewise, when a couple looks far away when kissing, there may be a lot of termination during sex. If the kiss is slow and passionate, making love may only be a kiss.

What other reasons make you think the kiss is important in a relationship?

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