Who is a controlling boyfriend?

You may think that you understand who a controlling boyfriend is, but have you thought about the dangers of going out with a controlling boyfriend? If you do not know what control of boyfriends, or the discrete signs of a controlling boyfriend, this article is for you. Read on and discover.

A controlling boyfriend is practically a controlling person, that is, a person who wants to have a control in everything you do, without worrying about your privacy.

He is practically a depressed and unhappy person, with very low self-esteem, and with serious problems in their relationships. He is always distrusting others and his partner. You never have peace, because you are not aware of your actions, but you are aware of the actions of others.

They think they may have people at the time they need it, without worrying about the commitments and needs of others. Controlling the boyfriend becomes unbearable tyrants, and while the people who have their barker accept it that way, they are "calm". But if the person complains about something, immediately dismiss him and go what? You have offended you.

This usually happens in the workplace and in all areas of your life; For example, if you are dating a controlling boyfriend, you never ask where you would like to go to dinner. Rather, it takes you to the place where it chooses. And this continues in all the other aspects of your life. Eliminating the right to comment or express what you like or do not like it.

A controlling boyfriend is pending to verify his partner's phone from time to time, under the pretext of any "reason to distrust"; Just to see your partner's messages. Because they need to be in control and think all the time you are going to be unfaithful. The controller does not believe in anyone, not even his own shadow.

What makes you think you're being controlled?

1. Does your boyfriend tell you to comprise with your family or friends? Forever?

2 He does not know how to behave in public!
Sometimes, you are afraid of not mentioning certain things, and he makes you feel bad because you can not freely express yourself, right?

3. Have he ever told you how to dress? Do you almost ask every time what to wear?

4. You started taking medications for appetite or began to eat healthier food so that it does not have temptations at home. And this is because he makes you feel worse from yourself?

5. You do not say anything because you do not want to make it feel bad. You are so careful as possible with your words.

Signs Of A Controlling Boyfriend

1. The control monster, furious and despot.

This type of man is dedicated to controlling him by telling him what he has to do and how he should do it. He will make him intimidating his anger and the fury of him. If you do not do what he wants, he will get angry and be more aggressive.

This type of man is the most toxic. He is aggressive at a verbal level; All the words and controlling phrases of him are hostile and he seeks verbal confrontation. He philosophy is "or with me or against me", challenging him will cause screams and voices. In his voice, there is an alarmist point as if there was always an imminent danger. He will judge you very often: "No, that's not right." You have to do it that way. You're not listening to me?

2. Rude and traitor meddling.

This character puts your things all the time as if they were the business of him and try to manipulate the situation and to take advantage of or make things like things. This control control will quickly give him the opinion of him (what he has not asked for him) on how to lead his life (and that of others). He is not usually a diplomatic and clings firmly to the opinions of him, so he is very critical and often speaks in direct and emphatic terms. He can twist your words and turn what you have done to turn it into you. He is also a master of sarcastic engineers and deceptive adulation, which means that it is not known if they are or not. This man tends to point out a lot of fingers, especially when he is telling him what he should and should not do it.

3. The self-destructive victim who sees everything black. The abusive boyfriend of control.

This type of man sees the world and life as a glass, half empty and not half full. Since he is always seeing the negative side and waiting for the worst, the negativity leaves each pore. If by chance, things go well for him, he will do everything possible to sabotage the circumstances of him. This man takes a tremendous amount of emotional pain, so he sounds so negative and gives the impression that nothing is worth it.

Since he has a low self-esteem and he feels that the relationship is not going to work, he will constantly say things that he knows that the relationship will not work, he will constantly say the things that hurt him to cause an argument. A common gesture of these men is constantly moving their feet or crossing and without crossing their legs.

Also, he reads obvious signs that the couple of him is cheating with a co-worker.

4.The weak scarecase and without initiative.

He can not decide anything and is generally carried out by the opinions of people. He lives with fear and will never create any conflict or a Vindex himself or anyone else.

This personality is not able to face people, so he stays out of no challenging or uncomfortable talk. It is the intention of him not to create conflicts that make him irritating and offensive.

5. The egocentric narcissist whose motto is: I, me, me, with me and me. The controller without emotion.

A single concern of a controller boyfriend is himself. He is the center of the universe and he expects you to consider it alone. The only thing that cares about you is what affects him or has something to do with him. If you are not willing to do anything for him, you will not do anything.

It is difficult to have a conversation with a controlling boyfriend because everything that is said to end up returning to him. A boyfriend controller does not care what you tell him or answer him, he will continue talking and talking until he ends up with what he meant. His conversation reveals that he wants to be treated better than all others. Usually, a controller boyfriend is attracted to vulnerable victims because then it can be superior and will emotionally punish anyone who seems inferior to him for disappointing.

It is what He spits: "You would not be anything if it were not for me" or "without me, now you will be on the street", usually, they are followed by phrases that show how unhappy you are and that you are useless..

6. The psychopath's partner

He is the most toxic and dangerous type, and can cause great damage. Usually, they make a memorable first impression, because he says everything he wants to hear. He will want to know what he likes, he makes you happy, he makes you sad to control your emotions, which he does not have. He will not hesitate to get to get what he wants and you will hear from him many sadistic comments, but the clearest sign that he faces a sociopath is that he will be contradicted in the same prayer..

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