Be funny ... but not too funny

Women love a man who can make them laugh. You don't need to be an incredible top-level comedian, quite funny to make them giggled. Having the ability to make women laugh is one of the key stones into an interesting man.

The biggest mistake.

There is one big trap that I want you to pay attention to Whatever you do, don't fall into this trap. It can destroy the attraction that a girl has for you. I have said this maybe in the past, but repetition is the mother of skills, so you realize that this is an important point to make.

I was watching one of my favorite comedians, Michael McIntyre, in the 'top gear' another day, and I expected comedy. However he is a comedian. But I rather expect more about him as a person.

In the end it turned out that everything he said turned into a joke. It reaches the point where I think, when does humor stop? Now, don't misunderstand, he might get home and don't even consider being funny. Just like the chef doesn't want to cook.

The problem arises when you try to be funny 24/7. Trying to be funny all the time can actually harm your progress with women. You become a 'cute man' than 'sexy man'.

A man I know ...

I remember a man I used to work when I worked at retail. He has Bollocks to talk about anything to anyone. He is very funny all the time. Even at that time I was very poor with women and felt rather envious to him. I believe he must be very popular and amazing with women.

I think he's just the type of man I want. He can talk openly to people and make them laugh all the time.

Over time, because I was increasingly confident and working on my own abilities with women, I found that even though he had the quality you want to combine, he just took it away.

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Immediately I realized that he was the type of person who if you talked to someone they would say, "Yes he is a good man, but only in a small dose".

This person has a boyfriend and good with women but you are kind of wondering what the long-term prospects if people look at them as they do. Maybe when he was at home he was calm.

In essence, you want to be funny and make girls laugh but you also want to have a more serious side. It's all about balance. For a girl, if you keep trying to make her laugh, you just seemed trying hard. Also if you can't take things seriously whenever he thinks that you are not a 'girlfriend material' because you might not take anything serious in life.

Women want a man who is able to be responsible and take care of them and are serious when needed but also makes them laugh too


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