What is expected from dating married men - Ouch!

Whatever, or all of this, must answer the question:

No. Women who are dating men who are married often believe that they are entitled to more than these people because they surpass the moral ethics to show their love and commitment. Not like that. In his eyes, he did not owe you.

Many promises. Relations mixed with infidelity are often trapped in the period waiting - he-ye-this-or-it. This relationship is prolonged by unfounded promises that, in fact, is an illusion. Do you really believe he will cancel his marriage? - Go through social, familial, economic and emotional who unravel that divorce can cause? Humm ...

Him selfish man: For most men, part of italia is in a relationship outside of their marriage, being experiencing the feeling of "king of land". Having other women's attention and unconditional love that is felt is a good medicine for a man with a weak ego.

Lies and make stories: ever wondering why most men marry chasing you have a sad story to share about their marriage? "We haven't had sex for the past 5 years ..." "I haven't fallen in love with my wife for years ... but she is very sick ... I can't leave it now." Pobrecito. If you hear stories like this, run as far as you can.

Being # 2: Regardless of what he said under the blanket, when you are La Otra, you number 2 (or maybe number 3!). Are you okay with # 2?

Many polluted gifts: Oh, gifts ... jewelry, wine bottles, trips to expensive hotels, shopping spee. But before opening your gift wrap, know that this is polluted with guilt, regret and sometimes manipulation. Oh, and don't forget the gift came from his wife too. As his legal wife, his finance was distributed evenly - so he paid 50% of the expensive perfume costs he gave you for Christmas.

What should be done if you date a married man?

Ask yourself "why" - simple questions, with big, complicated answers. Don't know where to start? Talk to friends who are trusted, wise, and educate themselves about infidelity problems. If you are in a relationship like this emotionally consumed you, don't hesitate to find professional counseling to explore what happened.

Skeptics: Don't believe or trust everything he said, promise or show you.

Believe in yourself: Don't you deserve to get better? Again? Why settle up by sharing a man? Why don't you have a man for yourself?

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Just do it: this type of relationship has an addictive component, sprinkled with confidentiality sensation. But if you are tired of waiting, feel trapped, or stored in darkness, you have to do it - empower yourself by ending relationships - before you fall like shoes. It won't be easy at first, but it will definitely give you the power you have never had in this connection


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