Trust Me When I Say 'Trust' Is The Key


Trust me when I say 'trust' is key

  • Have you ever thought of what led to the break-up of that power couple you envy so much?
  • What do you think could have been the causes of that abusive relationship?
  •  Have you ever wondered why you feel like a prisoner in your own relationship? 
  • how you don't seem to enjoy peace in that relationship you are in. Well, causes of the above scenarios could be lack of trust...

A relationship that lacks trust can be hell, it can be disastrous and can even make you not want to ever be in any romantic relationship ever again. Imagine not being confident enough to talk to your partner in a state of distress; what do you think that could lead to? Well, it is simple, you would feel you alone shouldered the burden of the world! Or even feel your peace of mind has been snatched from you. So personally, what is trust to you?

Well, trust means to be safe with someone, it is having confidence in your partner. Trust is being open, honest, and believing in your partner amid disaster.

It is no news that no strong relationship exists without trust being the foundation of it, because to love is to trust. I want to believe that a trust-less relationship with a pinch of love is just an obsession that often leads to damages, thereby tampering with one's peace of mind. 

So, why not work on that trust your relationship lacks! Ask me how!!!

OPEN & HONEST COMMUNICATION: Communication is an important integral part of the relationship. When you communicate regularly with your partner, the bond between you two tends to strengthen, however, honest conversion builds a stronger bond and connection between you two. Partners that openly converse tend to feel free and safe with each other which as a result, eliminates the feeling of insecurity thereby, leading to a more peaceful relationship.

ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES: A popular saying says; 'no one is above mistake''. So, it is admirable to admit your mistakes and apologize to your partner; taking responsibility for your mistakes is a sign of being a responsible human. You know, no sane human would want to trust an irresponsible partner, so take responsibility for your mistakes today and earn yourself your love's trust!

Be What You Want: There is a popular adage that says 'you lead by example'. You can only love others when you love yourself which is also true to trust. Be that caring, honest, sweet, happy, and truthful person you want as a partner, and more importantly, start the process by trusting your partner, and being truthful.

AVOID EMPTY PROMISES: Don't promise what you can't give! Unfulfilled promises will only jeopardize what has already been built, it would only make your partner see you as a liar. My dear, you can't give what you don't have. Only promise what you can do.

"People who choose to trust tend to be happier, better liked by others and more ethical than less trusting people" Joy Cagle
Remember, to love is to trust, and to trust is peaceful.


I am Olaiwon Shakirat, a 300l student of University of Ibadan from the department of Arts and Social Sciences Education (Communication and Language Arts).


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